February 1996, the coordinated relocation of residents from buildings near the intersection of Huai Hai and Hong Qiao roads to allow the expansion of Hong Qiao Road. People moved for development were relocated to satellite developments far from the city center. At first, Shanghainese accepted such moves as opportunities to live in modern apartments. Soon they realized that life in the suburbs wasn’t such a dream. A service industry had yet to develop there, property values could not measure up to those in Shanghai’s center, and close-knit communities were lost as residents were scattered about in the move. (Slide 2) June 1997, A resident surveyed the razed lot next to his home on Maoming Road at Jinxian Road and smoked one last cigarette in his rooftop room before movers ushered him and family to a new location in Meilong. . Copyright 1996-2020 Fritz Hoffmann #shanghairelocation #displacement #propaganda #chinadevelopment #themoderncity #lossofcommunity #progress #thewreckingcrew #shanghai #fritzhoffmann