WE’RE BAAAACK! Well, almost! All mailer colours are now open for pre-orders on our website and will ship from early March 🥳. But truth be told, it’s been a hectic few months. We had the busiest lead up to Christmas we’ve ever seen, faced a global shortage of PLA (the renewable materials in our mailers) which stalled production, we’re transitioning to new mailer designs, and then to top it off had some shipping delays due to Chinese New Year and the Coronavirus outbreak. We’ve been out of stock for a while and we’re so sorry. But finally, we have a ridiculous amount of stock arriving very soon and by the container load - AT LAST!! We’re so thankful for the support from our Hero Pack. It kept our heads up and pushed us to move forward no matter how challenging things felt. We’re now in the thick of 2020 and are more focused than ever to fight in our war against plastic. We have so many exciting things coming down the pipeline! . . . . . . #heropack #heropackaging #ecofriendlypackaging #compostablepackaging #compostable #businesschallenges #plasticfree #composting