Photo by @franslanting Last week the hottest temperatures ever were measured in the Antarctic. It became warmer than 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) for the first time in recorded history on Seymour Island. I felt that heat myself, because I was at work in an Adelie penguin colony not far away on the Antarctic Peninsula where chicks were standing caked in mud. As temperatures rise, snow and ice give way to rain and mud and chicks lose their insulation when their down gets mucked up. Adelie penguins have a hard time coping with the new realities caused by climate chaos. They are canaries in a global coal mine, but will we get the message in time for us to turn things around for their sake and ours? Follow us @franslanting and @christineeckstrom for more stories from the front lines of a changing planet. If you feel concern, here are two groups deserving of your support: The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition is a global coalition of environmental organizations working to ensure the preservation of the Antarctic and the great Southern Ocean. The Global Penguin Society is dedicated to the survival and protection of the world’s penguin species and is supported by the top-rated Wildlife Conservation Network, You can learn more here: @antarcticsouthernocean and @globalpenguinsociety —and at their respective websites, which are highly informative. @antarcticsouthernocean @globalpenguinsociety @wildnetorg @thephotosociety #antarctica #penguins #penguinchick #climatechange #climatecrisis #naturenow #globalwarming #savetheplanet