Ice the Akita @icetheakita  ยท 1 Month

Two things in this post: first off, please enjoy this boop content. Ice has the most boopable of noses! Second, this is the photo from my 10 year challenge. One taken in 2010 and the other from November 2019. Now a lot has happened in that period. I've been to two unis, did myself proud in my school exams and sadly, became mentally ill. That's what I want to talk about though because I don't want to define that experience by my illness but it is. A huge part of me didn't make it through my illness and honestly the person I am now and the person I was are so vastly different. The person I am now, even though I rely on Ice, is far more the person I want to be than ever. If ever you've thought of a New Year's resolution, strive to be the person you'd be proud of to call you. Lots of love, Ice and Toby