It is bitter sweet to see that the first Plastics Summit in Australia has been announced for 2020. It is in response to the realisation that mixed plastics can’t be sent overseas from 2021. While it’s great to see some action being taken, it’s horrifying to know that the plastic situation is getting worse. We talk about micro plastics entering fish and small sea creatures, but many of us don’t realise it’s now reached big mammals and is in food we eat every day. We would love to be part of this conversation @sussanleymp - thank you for finally taking one step forward in the fight against an ever-growing enemy. Photo sourced from Paulo De Oliviera . . . . . . #oceanplastic #plasticsummit #sussanleymp #savetheturtles #saveouroceans #nomoreplastic #compostablepackaging #replaceplastic #singleuseplastic #plasticsucks #microplastics