Did you ever notice The Duchess of Sussex' beautiful handwriting? If not, I can tell you that one of Meghan’s many great qualities is the love of writing down that perfect handwritten note. . Meghan herself once said: "if given the option between fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper, I will always choose the latter. Because amongst the throwback things that I love (a ’62 porsche speedster à la Dylan McKay in 90210, a bevy of Vargas girls, a Busby Berkeley film, or cooking over a charcoal grill), what trumps all is my love of writing (and receiving) a handwritten note." . In fact, way back when The Duchess was still California girl and aspiring actress, Meghan Markle, she would support her budding acting career by doing calligraphy. She would do calligraphy for celebrity correspondence and wedding invites. She would also hold calligraphy classes while also working at Paper Source, a small shop for decorative papers and custom stationery, in Beverly Hills. . 1. Meghan’s thank you note to author Matt Haig, whose poem she included in the Vogue issue she guested edited. 2. Instagram throwback. 3. Meghan’s stationery set and pen tips from her old blog, The Tig. 4. Signing her autograph. 5. Her signature before and after marriage to Prince Harry. 6. A little sweet note to Larry King. 7. Another Instagram throwback.