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Quarantine in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩 with a beautiful view, sunny day. Tag someone you’re going to Bali with once this is over! Video By @where.to.find.me


It feels weird to share this here but why the hell not be honest? I scrolled through my feed the other day feeling so much gratitude for the life and freedom I’d taken for granted. True, I’ve been able to see so much of the world and I’m lucky. Then


🇯🇵 [FR] Fin de journée et fin de saison des cerisiers en fleur à Kyoto. Une ambiance à la fois bucolique, romantique et mélancolique. Vous ne trouvez pas? . . [EN] End of the day and also end of the cherry blossom season in Kyoto. A Bucolic, romantic


Have any of you taken the enneagram test? I’m exactly split between a 7 (the adventurer: pursuit of joy and excitement) and a 3 (the achiever: goal oriented, wants to be competent, motivated to be the best at whatever you do). Right now my inner 7 i


Summer nights and salty hair


Everyone has to be creative now, especially the brand ambassadors like me, who can't travel during the quarantine. This time #honormagicbook helped me, but Nataly always has a magic button to bring me back. Calling all my fans, especially the ones in


Woke up 40 feet under the sea in Maldives 🇲🇻, but let’s backtrack years ago when I was homeless, didn’t have money for food and everyone around me doubted me when I said one day I would be living my dream life. How crazy is it that I got to experienc


🇯🇵 [FR] Omoide Yokocho à Shinjuku au printemps. J’y étais il y a deux semaines environ, cet endroit normalement bondé de touristes était quasi vide. . . [EN] Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku. Usually very crowdy and full of tourists, this place is now almo


New York City is Beautiful Destinations home and we are proud of our home. During these tough times we thought we’d #stayhome , go through the archives and do what we do best, create a beautiful video of our beautiful city. New York, we love you! Tod


p l e a s e | don't let this pass without reflection. This is not the moment for Netflix and chill, but to engage your imagination; to recognise the opportunity for reinvention; to find the sliver of joy it presents to celebrate our shared humanity;


Special effects artist @vacades calls this piece “the return of nature” - This is part II of my his little series showing the famous luxury shopping gallery Vittorio Emanuele II in Milano reimagined.


I’ve never been to the Himalayas, but so far, the Andes are my fav mountains. The European Alps are a close second, but for completely different reasons. The Andes are vast and intimidating and hard to access. The Alps are more accessible. Himalayas


t h e | house that Charles and Ray built ️. We were super lucky to have a private interior tour with Charles’ granddaughter, Lucia. An impeccable use of light and space. LA, last month (before sh#t got real). #eames #itsbeautifulhere


An imaginary world created together with super talented @eduard_ov ..... so the winner of the first week is @anastasiia_sila and the challenge continues for 2 more weeks with more prizes!! Keep posting in our #followmetohome challenge to win MacBook


New York stay strong! Sending you LOVE from LA! Stay home, stay safe Photo by @lensaloft


🇯🇵 [FR] Eh non! je ne reviens pas en hiver mais bien au printemps! Le château de Matsumoto sous la neige un 31 mars... c’est juste exceptionnel! Maintenant jouons à un jeu: j’ai posté une photo de ce château le premier jour de l’hiver dernier. Pouvez


t h e | best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow . Acceptance can be hard. But letting go can also be incredibly freeing. In these days of uncertainty, we are finding comfort in the now. We will continue t